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Automated Equipment temperature monitoring for your food service operation

Welcome to your new operations command center

Stratosfy helps food service operations protect food inventory 24/7 from temperature fluctuations, equipment failures, power outages, and human error by automating temperature monitoring via sensors and remote monitoring software. trends and streamline day-to-day operations.

Real Time Notification

Avoid unexpected inventory loss and costly product spoilage with real-time notifications and actionable incidents.

24X7 Temperature Monitoring

Save labor costs and eliminate missed and error-prone manual temperature readings with 24/7 automated monitoring of all your refrigeration equipment


Reduce equipment downtime with early detection through recording and analyzing temperature fluctuations.

In food service operations where temperature monitoring directly impacts operating expenses and customer experience, our deskless operations platform provides 360° view of equipment operations through wireless sensors, gateways, cloud-based microservices, mobile, and web applications.


Avoid unexpected inventory loss and costly product spoilage with real-time notifications and actionable incidents.
If your temperature-controlled food inventory is out of range, correct the issue immediately to avoid losses.


Eliminate missed and error-prone manual readings with 24/7 automated refrigeration equipment monitoring.
Save time and money on in-person monitoring and temperature logging of your equipment. Bring automation and accuracy to your temperature monitoring practices.


Access a complete log of every temperature reading with the accuracy of 0.1 degrees celsius to evaluate equipment performance and guarantee food safety. Gather such readings for each piece of equipment in each of your business locations without a miss.
• Throw away paper logs.
• Avoid error-prone manual measurements.
• Reduce labor costs associated with manual monitoring.


Verify, analyze, compare and share repair cost information of every piece of equipment to keep track of expenses and make better fix-or-buy decisions.
• Accurate tracking of repair costs inline with equipment incidents.
• Manage repair costs per piece of equipment at each of your business locations and for each of your businesses.
• Ability to monitor repair costs using invoices uploaded per each incident.


Keep track of incidents and their solutions by empowering your trusted employees with the perfect tool to address problems, make sure no incident is left unresolved.
• Instantaneously assign an incident to a designated employee/vendor.
• Handle all temperature anomalies per equipment via incidents
• Equipment alarms are raised and managed via incidents.


Let all your team involved in temperature monitoring and equipment maintenance operations download real-time reports, and these reports can be scheduled to be sent to the team periodically.

  •  A comprehensive set of reports to cover all facets of your operation – temperature reports, equipment reports, repair cost reports, alarm reports, and incident reports.
  • Make your reporting digital and automated with precise and accurate temperature measurements with time stamps for each piece of equipment at your business location

More features


• A birds-eye view of all your refrigeration equipment.
• The most pertinent information all in one central location.
• Real-time temperature data, alarms, incidents, and device health in a snapshot.

User Management

• Give access to employees and contractors according to their profiles.
• Grant and hide access to the system through the comprehensive user role feature..
• User access to each feature and notification is configurable.


• Able to detect a defrosting cycle per equipment based on input defrosting time intervals.
• Can detect the difference between an equipment malfunction and a defrosting cycle.
• Defrosting events are sent as notifications to users.

Remotely monitor your critical Equipment today

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